What’s The Best Online Meditation For Beginners?

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What’s The Best Online Meditation For Beginners?

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Looking to get into meditation in 2018? If you are you came to the right place! Meditation is the act of getting to a deeper state of peace and quieting the mind. This can be achieved individually or in groups. It doesn’t mean you are slipping into a coma or into a deep state of depression. It simply means that you are finding peace within yourself by being in a calm meditative state.

What’s the best online meditation for beginners? For me it started by listening to some audio video’s on Utube that are designed to help people find a way of dealing with anxiety and depression. I experienced these symptoms when recovering from meningitis and finally had to either accept what I was going through, die or succumb to depression and hopelessness. The Utube videos I listened to? Mindfulness meditation by a Utuber named Michael Sealey. For me the anxiety came up from overthinking so I started with this video.

How Meditation Works For Beginners

Personally meditation for me began  with a whole lot of confusion on my part. I didn’t understand how you were supposed to just zone out sitting there. I was always used to being on the move. Working as an electrician had me always chasing the next job or next new thing. But then with the illness, everything stopped. No job, disability payments of about $1000.00 a month and not much else to look forward too. I hit the brick wall and there was nobody to pick me up. I broke down.

I began by listening to the audios by Michael Sealey and found that I could in fact zone out and nothing bad was going to happen. Nobody came knocking at the door and nothing was really happening in my life. Sure I would turn on the news and wham all of a sudden all the chaos and insanity of the streets was instantly in my living room. I turned the tv off and sat down in my small home office area and began to search for meditation tips. And that’s when I found this guy’s videos. For me I think he has the best online meditation for beginners videos.


Learn To Quiet Your MInd

Have you ever gone to the DMV and dealt with the employees who act like robots? No emotion and just “Next Customer” is all you ever hear? These are the types of people I wonder if they are meditating all day long and go home and rehearse their daily mantra of “Next Customer” after a long day’s work. I never really understood how someone could be so robotic. It’s like they had no feelings or no emotions.

In a way that’s what meditation does. It teaches you to “zone” out and quiet your mind from outside distractions. When I tried it at first it was tough because all I did was have a million thoughts going round and round in my head. Finally, I began to calm down and just sit and be in the moment all by listening to some audios and living quietly. Pretty far stretch from the vocal US Marine and former electrician I had been in my old life. The best meditation honestly will be the one that works for you and that doesn’t mean you have to dress in a robe and chant all day long. It can be as simple as sitting in a chair and just being alone.

Meditation Can Help Your Depression

Hope And Despair

Depression has probably always been a part of my life even as a young man. I fought it by working and drinking a lot of beers. But when I got sick all of that stopped. I quit drinking cold turkey just like that. But thats when I fell into a deep depression after insane bouts of anxiety. The anxiety was so crippling I ended up in the Emergency room a few times and it really brought down my self esteem. Defeated I went to meditation and some mindfulness classes for help. And I think the guided meditations I listened to by Michael Sealey actually helped me survive the dark times. I would suggest you check out his channel here.

I would say look into some classes on meditation in your area. And be around positive people. Join an exercise class or gym and be around people who you can talk to. This takes you out of your own head and into the world around you. I guarantee it can help even if you don’t talk to anyone. And meditate daily. Take some time when you wake up to try hard as it is to be thankful for everything you have and the people around you. Be thankful you woke up. Be thankful for your life because you own it.

I don’t have all of the answers to dealing with some of the issues which caused me depression and anxiety but meditation and trying to live mindfully has helped me a lot. I still have problems just like anyone else but panicking isn’t going to solve any of them. If you’re like me and have issues dealing with anxiety and depression I encourage you to look into mindfulness meditation and guided meditation for anxiety, depression and sleep. Because once you start to understand that meditation can quiet the thoughts in your head, you’re headed in the right direction.

To Your Health And Happiness!


  1. I agree that meditation can be really helpful for calming yourself down and relaxing. The hard part for me is just finding the time. Life is so busy, and I am pulled in a lot of different directions. Kids, family, job, etc, all going opposite places at the same time. That is probably the exact reason I need to carve out some time to do some things like meditation, to help get my mind right. Instead of vegging out with the TV at the end of the day, try to do something more calming. Thanks for sharing, this is a good reminder for me to be more mindful of myself.

  2. How you wrote a meditation for beginner’s can be confusing. Where to start? In this post, I have the best information what is the best meditation for beginners, how to quiet the mind and how it helps with depression. Thank you for this great post.

  3. People tend to spend a majority of time thinking about the past and worrying about the future rather than being in the present moment. I think that’s the main reason why people are depressed or anxious.
    The solution would be focusing our mind on the present moment instead of the past or the future and meditation is the best tool for accomplishing that state. Great post, I enjoyed reading it. Cheers!

  4. Thank you for sharing this! I have been looking for ways to wind down in a healthy way after a long days work. I have turned to exercising outdoors, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. I am always willing to try something new and feel like meditation is right up my alley. I just need to learn to zone out everything.

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