What’s The Best Guided Meditation For Beginners?

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What’s The Best Guided Meditation For Beginners?

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If you are one of the many looking for the best guided meditation for beginners I would like to share with you my experiences. A few years back I got really sick with meningitis and began the long road to recovery. While physically I recovered within a few months, the mental side of the illness took an incredible toll on me. It was as if my brain was replaced with another and this new brain spent way too much time ruminating and thinking about ways to “fix” what was wrong with me. I spent the next couple of years constantly ruminating on what my purpose in life was and how would I ever get back what I once had. It was mentally exhausting and finally feeling utterly defeated I sought help at the local Veterans Hospital. I was a broken man.

One of the things I discovered is that there is no reason for anything really. In fact there is no right or wrong in what I was feeling. Things were as I saw them. I had lost my job as an electrician and being a Marine Corps veteran I always believed that there was a reason for everything. i was taught that being a man meant going through the struggles quietly and just accepting what was.

Resisting Change Was Impossible!


I was introduced to a number of therapies designed to help change my thinking and to accept what was. I resisted thinking that anything could be fixed but I was only fooling myself and the cognitive therapies I tried were hard to deal with and I blew them off as nonsense and a waste of time.

Finally a couple years ago I was talking with my therapist and they told me I might want to try some mindfulness classes. These are classes that help people live in the moment and embrace the day as it is. Again I resisted the first class and I could tell the teacher was looking at me like they knew I could care less. But, as the others in the group began to discuss their own personal issues I realized I was no different. They we talking about the issues that I had. While all of us had different things going on, the same problems came out. We all wanted to get to know our place in the world. And that’s when I learned to stop resisting and let go.

Is There A Best Guided Meditation For Beginners?

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The class taught me about meditation and how to find a quiet place and just breath and learn to let go of the pain, the regret and the depression. While I am still learning I use guided meditation to help me to relax and just live in the moment. I try not to judge myself or others and to just accept the me as I am. And to learn to love who I am.

I found some meditation which I consider for me to be the best guided meditation I could find anywhere. It’s not the end all be all but it has helped me with my sleep patterns which were changed after my illness. Depression is common for people who suffer from post illnesses especially those that involve the brain. In my case I had a viral meningitis that was left undiagnosed for months and I had finally collapsed in a heap in my house. I was rushed to the hospital and doctors said I had two days to make it and a 50/50 chance of survival. I was 42 years old.

Looking back I embrace the journey but I also experience some of the cognitive issues many with this illness do. Guided meditation like this one by Michael Sealey has helped me to fall into a deep sleep. I encourage you to check this Utuber out and check out one of his hundreds of videos designed to help you sleep, quit smoking, and live mindfully.

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