What Are Some Good Mindfulness Gift Ideas?

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What Are Some Good Mindfulness Gift Ideas?


I have been checking out some of the mindfulness products on the market and have to say I have found some cool ones. While mindfulness and meditation is really a change of thinking and not about presents,  I have found some gifts that you may find helpful and worth checking out. Mindfulness gifts are a great way of showing your friends or family that you care about them and are interested in their quest on to mindfulness and meditation.

So what are some good mindfulness gift ideas?

There are lots of cool products surrounding the topic of mindfulness and meditation. Some of them are a bit over the tops so I won’t really get into those. But, some of them are really cool and can be extremely helpful if you are trying to learn how to be mindful.

One I found is a mindfulness card game that is designed to help younger people cope with anger, stress and life in general. I think this one can also be used for adults who are learning mindfulness as well.


If you do decide to check out this mindfulness game and like it be sure to come back and comment on how beneficial it was for you in the comment section. I think games like this can really help anyone become a calmer and more confident person in their everyday life and I will look into getting this game as well.

Gifts That Help Others Live A Better Life!

I really like getting a gift that can actually help me build a better life for myself and my family. It pains me to see so much suffering in the world where I live even though I live in a decent area in the U.S. I see homeless people who if given the chance I am sure could flourish in life. Mindfulness gift ideas can give you an opportunity to help someone you know at work, school or even someone who is on disability.

And that is why I like mindfulness and meditation. It helps me to balance my life as best as I can after suffering the debilitating effects of meningitis. And while the symptoms are not visible to the people around me, I know it can be tough just getting through the days at times.

If someone gave me a mindfulness gift I would be more than ecstatic! So, think about giving a gift of a mindfulness game to someone you care about. It may just help make their life a little brighter!

Here is another mindfulness game that’s for the whole family!

Here is some helpful free meditation guided visualization for healing pain and sickness. Click This Link

To Your Health And Happiness


  1. Dude I used one of these with my younger son and he loved it! Not only did it help him cope with his anger but he also became a lot nicer to me and the family. hanks for showing me these neat products and i hope others will like them as much as i have!

    1. Thanks for the comment. That’s so cool that it helped your son. I have teenage son who could benefit too. There are many games and books that can teach mindfulness without being too boring or complicated. I find many of these tools fascinating and interesting. And best of am they work if you are open which can lead to a more content and happy existence. Thanks so much for the comment.

  2. I think I am going to check this out for my nephews. With little kids you buy them so many gifts it is good to get them something useful and mindful sometimes. You get them so many gifts it’s hard to think of new ideas, thanks for the post!

    1. Hey William. The games are supposed to help you think mindfully instead of just reacting. So, it’s more of thought provoking games that are designed to work your mind in a more thoughtful way. If you try one of the workbooks you will find that many of the exercises are about how you feel about certain issues and say you are depressed you can change the thought process to being grateful instead of resentful, disappointed or frustrated. That’s good that you have tried practicing which can be as easy as just focusing on your breathing. Best to you!

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