What Are Quieting Mind Techniques For Anxiety

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What Are Quieting Mind Techniques For Anxiety?


Suffering from anxiety is not fun at all. I know I was diagnosed with it a few years ago after my bout with meningitis. But, does this mean I should have to suffer the rest of the days of my life? Not if I could do something about it.

Do you suffer from similar symptoms like not being able to relax? How about ruminating over some past event over and over? Or maybe you have anxiety of something you just don’t know how to control or fix. If you do then you aren’t alone. In fact statistics show that every year at least 28 million people in the United States suffer from the disorder. You aren’t alone.

But what are quieting mind techniques for those suffering from anxiety? There are quite a few to be honest but you have to open to suggestion for the techniques to work. In my case I am a very stubborn person so when I began learning about mindfulness I thought it was a bunch of weird nonsense. However as I progressed through some learning lessons I realized that maybe I did have the disorder and I was going about fixing it all wrong.

Here is a good read for beginners of mindfulness learning I found. You may find this helpful as I did.


Mindfulness Isn’t Rocket Science

I know that sounds funny because obviously living mindfully isn’t really about learning how something works or a training class in how to be a good Walmart employee. It really is about connecting with yourself and others in a way that’s you living in the now. Not yesterday or next week in anxiety over what happened in the past or what will happen next week. It’s about changing your thinking to be in the present.

And what does that equate to? It’s quieting mind techniques that help you to live a much more fulfilled life. I won’t say I have all the answers to living mindfully but I will say that the books I have read as well as the workbooks I have done have helped me to learn what the term mindful actually means. And that’s the beginning of learning how to apply the techniques taught.

You may want to consider doing what I did and attend a series of classes on mindfulness. Or listen to some mindfulness music. Here is some absolutely beautiful music for anyone who needs some relaxing calm music for meditation or going to sleep. I really do like this 3 hour meditation music and you should check it out. Click This Link. 

Use Meditation To Heal

There are many quieting mind techniques for anyone suffering from anxiety. The ones I listed above are just a few. And the workbooks and books are a good way of learning how to apply the techniques. I recommend only ones I have checked out and find useful and have been of help to me.

Did you know that meditation can actually help you heal? There are guided meditation audios that can help you get to sleep and even work on your subconscious while you are in your slumber. And that is what brings you into a deep REM sleep which is when your body begins to heal itself.

Check out some workbooks on mindfulness and see if they can help you to not only understand what mindfulness is but try some of the techniques outlined for you to do yourself. I found this one that’s can be very helpful for anyone looking to become more mindful in their life.

To Your Health And Happiness

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