Becoming Mindful In Your Life Everyday

So, what is mindfulness? I questioned that when faced with some serious cognitive issues from an illness. I had never heard of the term until as a Marine Corps veteran I went to some classes on what it is to be mindful. What I found out was pretty interesting and I learned what it was to be mindful in my everyday life. But, what really is mindfulness and what does it mean?

In simple terms being mindful is being aware of what you are doing at the present moment. In short “living in the present.” I am a student of mindfulness and learning each day what it is to live in the moment. While I have not mastered the technique it is something that I am practicing and implementing in my everyday life.

What Causes Us To Fall Out Of Mindfulness?

In my experience I had a number of issues that caused me to fall out of living in the moment. Probably the number one reason was not getting help for issues I dealt with as a child. These issues included abuse, neglect and lack of a healthy upbringing. I only realized this in hindsight after experiencing years of verbal and physical abuse as a child. I stopped being mindful when I began living in shame. I was petrified to do anything wrong which stemmed from my childhood abuse that took hold in my later years after becoming ill.

Your experience may be different but the one thing we all have in common is our inability to stop living in the past and to hold on to those painful experiences. Some may hold on because they feel the pain is the only way to feel alive. Others may feel that they deserve to be punished for the rest of their life from something they did or had done to them in the past. I can’t say what caused you to stop living a mindful life but hopefully some of my posts can help.

How To Start Living Mindfully

Living in the moment takes time to learn and implement. Especially if you have a lifetime of living in your past. Watching the show “Hoarders” I realized that we are conditioned at an early age to see materialistic things as a way of validation. For some reasons being around all of our “Stuff” makes us feel safer and comfortable. In my opinion all this stuff is just a pacifier to what is really going on. Mindfulness can help bring us out of that state.