Mindfulness Techniques For Anxiety? Does Guided Meditation Really Work?

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Mindfulness Techniques For Anxiety?

First off I am not a professional therapist or a doctor that specializes in anxiety disorders. I am a fairly simple guy that suffered from anxiety and depression after a bout of meningitis. The suffering I endured was nothing short of amazing and I went to numerous doctors and therapists at the local VA hospital. Every single thing they had me try did not work work for over five years. I was pretty much at my wits end and just reserved myself to the fact that I would more than likely be “screwed up” for the rest of my life. It was then I was finally invited to attend a series of mindfulness classes at the VA which I half heartedly went to. I didn’t want to waste any more energy on driving myself to the clinic and sitting through what I thought would be a group of people complaining about all their problems. I was referred to a class that focused on mindfulness techniques for anxiety.


An Eye Opening Experience!

The class consisted of 7 weekly classes which I attended and after a couple classes I could see where they were heading with this. It was all about the breathing and relaxing and being mindful of what you were doing at the present time. But before I could really buy into all of it I had to look at my past and wonder why I felt so screwed up in the first place. To start with I was raised in a lousy home environment. My dad was a workaholic and had no time for us kids. My mother left when I was three and I was raised by an evil stepmother. My dad killed himself when I was 17 and I was told to leave the house. I ended up joining the Marine Corps.

After the Marine Corps I was homeless numerous times, hooked up with beach girls that only wanted to party and was living on full throttle from one place to the next. I tried some street drugs and though never really got hooked it left me in some even worse places in life and in my head.

Eventually I got off the streets and in an apartment and eventually became an electrician in my 30’s. In my early 40’s I contracted meningitis, spent a month in the hospital and nearly died. As you can see my whole life has been a train wreck for the most part and at 50 I was completely burned out but had managed to work over 25 years between my times of homelessness. I ended up filing for disability because my body just couldn’t take any more punishment.

The mindfulness techniques for anxiety I learned actually helped me a bit. If anything it taught me to say “screw it” to stuff that just didn’t matter to me. And that was a huge relief for me because I felt as though the whole world was dragging me down year after year. I still get bouts of anxiety here and there. Some days are better than others but that’s just life.

I would definitely recommend checking out some mindfulness classes in your area if you are suffering like I was. If anything at least check out a mindfulness workbook like I did. Here is one I recommend.


Try Mindfulness Techniques For Anxiety

I gave you a little background on me simply because I am a person who has been through some stuff that I really wouldn’t wish on anyone. And most of it was because I was not acting mindfully in a responsible way. Whether it was genetics or just the bad luck of the draw I don’t really know. I do know that if I would of gone through some of the mindfulness training my life could of been much better. I encourage anyone to give it a try. Check out a workbook or listen to some mindfulness music to calm the anxiety and depression. I think it may help more than you may think. Here is some great free music (8 hours) to help reduce anxiety. Click This Link

To Your Health And Happiness
Meditation music


  1. I enjoyed this information and it seems heartfelt and genuine. Thank you for sharing. How much did this really help? you said it helped a little. I need to reduce my anxiety and want to do something that will get results.

  2. I haven’t been through as much in life as you, but i can empathise.
    The feeling of everything out to get you and you reacting to it.
    As you say, learning mindfulness is a way of saying to the world – stop it! and to be here and now.
    Learning what is important and what really doesn’t matter.
    I still get stressed about the little things and need to remind myself that they maybe don’t matter as much as i think they do!
    How much does the music you have on your site help? I have never been into music at all- it just passes me by.
    Thanks for the post

    1. The music helps a lot and helped me to get into a deep sleep. That’s when your body heals the most so I figured I should try it. I felt a bit strange the first few times but now I listen to guided meditation music every night which really helps with anxiety. It helps me to just blow off stuff that normally bugs me. But I also do some exercising, go to the doctor at least once every six months and try and eat healthy. Healthy eating to me is no junk fold like Mcdonalds or fast food stuff I do eat lots of salads too. Not a health food but but not a junk food junkie. Combined with music and therapy or even going through a workbook is good. I don’t go over board though. The guided music is easy to listen to. Try it, you may like it Thanks for the comment.

  3. I too suffer from anxiety and depression. I had gone through an entire program based on mindfulness. It didn’t really help me. But I fight the fight everyday.

    Thank you for sharing your story and being an inspiration!

  4. Thanks for sharing your story and it sound like you’re on a better path moving forward.

    We have struggles in life, internal and external. I can vouch that meditation and mindfulness practices have literally saved my life.

    The benefit of sharing your struggles is that it will help so many that read this post in a similar position. All the best.

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