Mindfulness Meditation Tips For Beginners. Try These To Calm Down!

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Mindfulness Meditation Tips For Beginners

Today I went to a class about calming down and living in the moment. While this was not a meditation class, it was a class for spirituality for military veterans. And do you know what a common complaint was among all of us that attended? It was dealing with depression and finding the meaning of life.

Now, this didn’t mean that all of us were on some kind of spiritual journey complete with yoga pants and a meditation bench. In fact most of us had pretty full lives that consisted of working for decades and finally coming to terms that working the way we did was no longer an option. It’s crossroad that many veterans face and yes, I was one of them. So, how did this spiritual group lead me to the topic of mindfulness meditation tips for beginners? Read on and I’ll let you in on what happened.

Mindfulness Meditation Is Closely Connected To Spirituality

As this class unfolded one of the participants brought out a bag and inside were coloring books for adults. It reminded me of way back when I was in grade school and the teacher would hand out that peculiar smelling paper to write on. This gave the group something to physically do while we talked about different issues. And the one thing I noticed is that everyone of us calmed down, the shifting in seats stopped and the wheels in the head seemed to slow down. This was a form of meditation and it worked.

As I have been writing on this site I think about the different techniques I have learned to calm down my thoughts through mindfulness meditation. Below I have listed a few that you can do seated or laying down at your home.


Five Easy Mindfulness Tips

  1. Close your eyes and try to think about when was the worst time in your life. Even though you may have things that worry you, visualize how your thoughts have brought you to where you are now. Are you living in the moment or living in the past? Try to focus on your breath and with each passing breath visualize your thoughts floating away up into the sky. Breath deep and hold for five seconds and exhale slowly letting your thoughts and breath release from your body and mind.
  2. Try listening to some peaceful meditation music. This type of music can do wonders for stress, ruminating or even falling asleep. You can use meditation music to calm down at any time of the day or night and it’s really relaxing to listen to. I use this everyday and at night to go to sleep. And guess what? My blood pressure has returned to normal and all of my blood work is now completely normal. Take a listen to this free music of mindfulness meditation. You may be surprised at how effective it is to slow thoughts down and breath in the moment. TAP HERE
  3. While laying down, try and fill your head with thoughts of gratitude instead of the normal worrying thoughts or self defeating thoughts. Be thankful for what you have and where you are in life. This is probably one of the keys to living a healthy and happy life. To embrace the day with thanks for the ability to do what you do is a powerful tool to live a mindful life. While negative thoughts may come in to your head, let them go and replace them with thoughts of gratitude however small they may be.
  4. Since meditation and living mindfully is a good percentage all about living with positive thoughts, try to live for a week without judging yourself, others or your failures as you see them in life. Embrace your accomplishments and refrain from judging others even if you feel you are being judged. By changing your thoughts you can begin to live easier with mindfulness meditation. And remember to breath!
  5. Make a space in your home just for meditation. I call this my judge free zone where I can be alone with my thoughts and focus on positive affirmations while listening to my favorite meditation music. If you don’t like meditating alone consider joining a group in your town that holds regular meditation groups. They are popping up more and more all over the world as more people turn the focus from materialism to mindfulness living.

Give Meditation A Chance!

I hope you enjoyed this blog on mindfulness meditation tips for beginners. I think if we all did a little meditation instead of living so impulsively we would have a much happier world. Now, this may just be my take but it has worked for me and I like meditation and mindfulness living. Maybe you have a story about yourself you would like to share about your journey into mindfulness meditation and your life. I would love to hear it! You can comment below and give us a little story!

To Your Health And Happiness

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