Mindfulness Games Online. Here Are Some Great Ones For All Ages!

Mindfulness Games Online

Below I have listed some really fun and educational mindfulness games online that I think can be helpful to many of us. Did you know that mindfulness games can actually help with socialization and depression and anxiety? These are some affordable and fun for everyone. You can use them at your school if you’re a teacher or at home when you have some down time and want to challenge your mind. They really are games that make you think but not too difficult to not have a ton of fun playing. These are a must for any household looking to have fun on those rainy days or really any day at all! I hope you enjoy these and I’ll be adding more as time goes by.

To Your Health And Happiness


Mindful Games Activity Cards

Here is a great mindfulness game for kids and young adults which teaches focus and attention. The game comes complete brand new with 55 5’X7″ cards. This is an engaging game which your younger members of the family will find fun and surprisingly exciting!


Mindful Games (Paperback)

Here is a great book that includes 60 activities for children, teens and adults. This paperback book focuses on mindfulness and attention and is a must for those looking to incorporate mindfulness as a way of living in a family environment.


Peacemakers Mindfulness Card Game

Here’s an attractive game for children 3 years and up that is geared towards building social and emotional skills. It’s great for CBT exercises and can be used in a classroom setting or at home. This game can also be played by adults and younger adults. 2 player game.


Be Mindful Card Deck For Teens

Here is another fun game for teens that teaches mindfulness with 5o cards that help with taking care of yourself and living more in the present. This is the perfect gift for your restless teens!


Cards For Calm

This game is for those who need some help with anxiety and negative thinking. The perfect game for helping children find ways to live more calmly and presently.