Mindfulness Exercises Adults Can Do Daily To Fight Depression And Anxiety

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Mindfulness Exercises Adults Can Do Daily To Fight Depression And Anxiety

As someone who finds meditation fun and a way to relax my mind I have looked into mindfulness exercises adults can do to calm down and just chill out. My reasoning for trying this out is because in my mid fifties I found myself at a point in life where work was no longer calling, my health took a hit from meningitis and I had to do something besides medicate myself to feel better. As a veteran I looked into the VA hospital but really just found myself driving there and back and not much else. It felt more like a formality. The one thing that did help were some mindfulness classes which I took recently.

I would ask anyone who is considering mindfulness exercises why do they want to do them? Are you stressed out and can’t seem to move forward? Fighting depression and anxiety? Loss of self worth in life?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions mindfulness exercises adults can do could help. So, here are a few things you can try to get on the path to healthy mindfulness living.

1 Take time each day to yourself. Learn to breath and be in the moment and take time to be by yourself to meditate. It could be a little as ten minutes a day.

2 Think about where you were in the worst time in your life. For me it was being homeless with absolutely no family. Take stock in where you are now versus “back then.” This can give you a good perspective on life and how grateful you can be.

3 Don’t isolate yourself. This is important as much as taking time out for yourself I have found. I make it a point each week to visit one of the local lakes and go fishing. I meet good people and have friends that I can talk with. Plus it breaks up the monotony if you are at home most days.

4 Try something new. Aside from listening to some good music like this mindfulness music for exercise and relaxing.

5 Finally, find a support group if you suffer from anxiety and depression. Here is one I recommend checking out.

How Mindfulness Meditation Can Change Your Life

I have a ways to go before I am rid of all anxiety and depression. I know that and I could be fighting this for the rest of my life. Prior to my hospitalization I never had it or if I did I drank it away. But eventually things took a turn for the worst or better depending on how you look at it. I no longer drink alcohol and can say it’s been over ten years since I have. I am more aware of what I am doing now and am enjoying little things in life, like catching a nice sized catfish here in N.C.

I thank my family I have now for helping me through some tough times and am glad I found mindfulness meditation and music to help with my anxiety and depression. And mindfulness exercises adults can do helps tremendously. Check out this article I wrote on clinical depression and mindfulness books to read.

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  1. Well, I just turned 50 last month; as my body changes physically, I know that there will be some mental and emotional changes as well. I have no problem with taking long, peaceful walks in the park or sitting quietly on the bench. Unfortunately, I don’t do it often enough.

    The steps you provide to get to a healthier state of mind are really easy and can be done immediately; #4 is one that is really important to me. I find that having new experiences really helps to keep my mind stimulated.

    Thanks for sharing your insight, David.

    1. Thanks for the comment. True after 50 it seems like there is definitely a change and some emotional changes can be taxing. So, I do like to listen to music to calm me down but also to think about what is bothering me and if it is in fact true or is it fabricated. If I can differentiate the two then I can talk myself down. I use a mindfulness workbook to track progress. And also its’ important to not be too over judging on ourselves. Thanks for you valuable input!

    1. I have never heard of those apps but try them out and see how it goes. If you suffer from depression or anxiety I think there are a lot of good tools out there but I am not a doctor so it’s probably best to speak with yours and not depend solely on an app to beat the symptoms.

  2. I suffer from depression and let me tell you that this actually helps me on so many levels. It helps me slow down and calms me. It puts me back in a neutral place where I don’t feel like I’m spiraling out of control.

    1. Yea, it can be tough because nobody really knows how you feel. I found that trying to be my best friend helps and to take time no matter what is pressing to be done. I used to work like crazy but inside I was fighting depression. So when I had meningitis it all came crashing down on me emotionally. Kind of why I made this website because I like the meditation idea and using tools to combat it. Mostly it’s important to me to understand fact from fiction regarding my life. I know that sounds funny but I like to feel like I have some control over my situation in a crazy world that doesn’t seem to care either way if you are here or not. Family support is really what helps too. Thanks for the comment and I wish you the best Samantha!

  3. Hello! Thanks for the great tips on mindfulness exercises. As a new business owner, I often find myself getting stressed and depressed with all the ups and downs, wondering if I made a stupid decision. But, keeping these exercises in mind and reminding myself of the low times I had working other jobs, I think I’ll be able to help me fight off those negative feelings.

    1. For depression and anxiety I like the idea of thinking of yourself and your life at the lowest point and then seeing where you are now. It helps put things in perspective. Thanks for the comment Jasmine.

  4. I have done these before because I felt I had fallen into the category. But keeping an open mind and being honest with yourself and others is just the one way to stay positive.

  5. I think that it does do you well to get off to yourself and concentrate on something positive. I usually get to my job before everyone so what I do is go to my bible app and read. Then I reflect on what I read and try to fit my life into the lesson I learned from it. Would you consider that a form of meditation because it calms me considerably?

    1. I think it would Ronnie because it involves being quiet and in quiet thought. Anny type of reflection or quieting of the mind is meditation if done mindfully I believe. Good point you made.Thanks for the comment.

  6. I love this topic and think it’s so important. I use it for myself and also my clients. So often, we get so caught up are too connected that we lose site of taking care of ourselves. Focusing on mindfulness is a wonderful way to improve mental health.

  7. Thank you for reminding me to be more mindful and especially being present in “the present.” I have to remind myself of this technique when I’m having a long day at work standing on my feet. I just relax, look away from the cutting board, take a couple of deep breaths and focus on the present moment. Sometimes it’s the vibrant color of the pineapple I’m dicing that catches my attention or maybe even just the sound of my breath inhaling and exhaling out.
    Congratulations on your sobriety. That’s wonderful! I wish you continued success and healing for this New Year ahead of us!

    1. That’s pretty awesome Jennifer! I love hearing ways other people learn to live in the moment and just be. It’s really inspiring to me I think you really sound like you are using some good techniques. I can learn something from you too! I wish you the best in the New Year and stay in touch!

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