Meditation Accessories

Antique Design Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Here is a very nice addition for your mindfulness meditation space. This you can use in your meditation practice and has a beautiful sound when played. Constructed of the finest materials, this is the perfect gift or for your own personal use.


Humidifier For Sleep And Meditation

This humidifier can be used for both sleep and meditation. Complete with an auto shut off and white night light, you can rest assured this will be a perfect accessory to your meditation space.

Altair Men Women Cotton 100% Embroidery Meditation Clothing

This a shirt pant combination that’s designed just for you and your meditation and mindfulness exercises. Well crafted and perfect for meditation and comfortable enough to wear wherever you are.

Polished Crystal Quartz Stone Healing Chakra Pendant

These are great little polished crystal quartz stone healing pendants that you can use while meditating to balance chakras. Complete with a real leather necklace strap. $7.95


Polished Crystal Quartz Stone Healing Point Rock Pendant.

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