Meditation Music For Stress Relief, Depression And Anxiety

If you don’t know the benefits of meditation music for stress relief than you’ll be in for a nice surprise when you listen to some quality meditation audio designed to help you melt the stress away. As we all know stress is one of the leading causes of illness and disease and it’s important to find some coping mechanisms to shut out the negative and focus on the positive in life. Meditation music can do just that.

I have compiled a few of the top meditation audio music tracks that I could find and listed them below. Some of these links will take you to music for stress relief and others for depression and anxiety while others are just for simple relaxation and to quiet the mind after a hectic day.

I encourage you to at least try meditation music for stress relief and see how it can positively affect your everyday life. Being a Marine Corps veteran I had tried numerous techniques for dealing with stress in my life due to work, family issues, health issues and more. While some of the techniques like mindfulness and spiritual classes are helpful, I found that at the end of the day the best way to unwind for me is to listen to some calming meditation music. I especially like guided meditation for sleep and anxiety which pretty much are closely connected. With anxiety also comes depression and sleep problems. Guided meditation or simply listening to some relaxing music  can do wonders and get you the much needed restful sleep you need to feel rested and refreshed.

Take a look below at some of the music I have listed and see if some of them don’t help with your everyday life!  Search the ITunes store for your favorite meditation music too!