Looking For Mindfulness Exercises Adults? Don’t Just Try Anything!

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Looking For Mindfulness Exercises Adults?


If you’re looking for mindfulness exercises adults I may be able to help. I am not a doctor or a therapist but I have learned a few things on mindfulness after attending some classes at a local VA hospital. Before you really get into learning about mindfulness I think it’s important to talk with your doctor or see a therapist before just diving into any mindfulness training.

Why do I say that?

Because all of us are different and some of us may have health issues that can contribute to anxiety and depression which many search mindfulness learning and mindfulness exercises adults to help with symptoms. I have tried on my own but with a history of depression after a devastating illness I realized that I needed more than just a class on mindfulness.

I needed a complete overhaul!

What Did I Do To Start Trying To Live Mindfully?

At first I just plain out gave up. Everything I did seemed to not work. I mean it was exhausting to even get up and think about having a decent day. Too many obstacles, too many people out there, and too many experiences that left me jaded in life. I was broken and needed to be fixed.

So, the first thing I did was sign up for a class on living mindfully. I also kept going fishing every weekend so I wouldn’t become a total recluse. I didn’t want to become one of those people who stared out the window everyday looking at nothing.

The classes opened up my eyes as to how to use exercises to start living mindfully. Many of these exercises involved breathing and exhaling. Deep inhales and long exhales. Rinse and repeat. I also learned other techniques like how to eat mindfully. Granted some of these exercises were a bit strange to me but I did them and learned something about myself.

I was living too much in the past and not looking to the future or appreciated a new day for what it was.

The exercises helped and I also bought a workbook like the one listed below which is a mindfulness based stress reduction exercise book which can be very helpful for anyone looking to learn how to live mindfully.


Why Did I Create This Website?

I created this website not just for mindfulness exercises adults can do but because I really found the subject interesting and after a bout of meningitis had me kissing the carpet I realized my days of being the strong Marine and then electrician were over. And I wasn’t even 50 years old yet!

So, by creating this website I figured maybe I could help myself and some others who are dealing with some life stuff that just keeps knocking them down. Mindfulness is not about giving up but rather accepting where you are and being thankful for what you have regardless of how little it is.

I would be willing to bet if you go out on the street you will find someone who is worse off than you. I guarantee it. I have days where I feel sad about the fact that I got sick a few years back but my wife will drag me out in town and I see people living on the street with nothing but a bag and a cardboard sign. And that’s tough living.

I also started using healing energy rocks and wearing a simple necklace that is supposed to help give you healing properties. Check out my post on that here. Click This Link

I encourage you to maybe check out a mindfulness workbook and of course talk to your doctor or therapists and ask them about learning mindfulness techniques. I don’t know if insurance covers this but it’s worth checking out.

Meditation music

I hope you find the information on these pages helpful.

To Your Health And Happiness.

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