Learn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction The Easy Way.

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Learn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction The Easy Way.

Are you stressed out and having a hard time calming your mind? Does your mind and your thinking stress you out even when nothing is really going on? You may find it interesting to know that many people live with the constant stress of worry when there really is nothing to worry about. And what is that?

Because they are conditioned to think they constantly have to be moving and accomplishing.

It may sound counterproductive to just stop all thought and movement to meditate but in a fast moving paced world this is just what many people need. To stop thinking too much and to relax the body and mind with mindfulness based stress reduction techniques.

How Do I Know This Works?

A few years back I became deathly ill with meningitis. (I’ll try not to bore you with my personal story) I had been an electrician and working constantly with a young child. I was also in my early 40’s. The meningitis got so bad and I was misdiagnosed and nearly died. Collapsing one night I was rushed to a hospital in North Carolina and spent 3 weeks hooked up to machines. Once I was well enough to even speak my main concern was “When can I get back to work?” I think the doctors were laughing inside because I could barely stand, had three transfusions and had difficulty with basic functions. Meningitis is no laughing matter and I was lucky to even survive.

I fought tooth and nail to get back to work and did for a couple years but crashed and burned and eventually had to stop altogether. I had suffered some cognitive issues and fell into depression. Along with that I had anxiety. I was a good candidate for mindfulness stress reduction techniques but did not really know where to turn or how to start.

Being a Marine veteran I began going to the VA hospital and attended mindfulness classes. At first I thought it was a bunch of nonsense but eventually began to participate. What I found out about myself is my mind was working faster than my body. I was out of wack thinking about a million things to do but standing still at the same time. Crazy huh?

I began listening at night to mindfulness music and brain healing guided meditation and it helped me sleep. Not just sleep but go into REM sleep which is what we all need for our bodies to recover from stress.

I also started to stay away from TOXIC people! I can’t say how much this helped. Even if I was not out and about I kept myself away from the hustle and bustle and anything that annoyed me. I wanted to like being with myself again.  So, using these mindfulness stress reduction techniques allowed me to focus on myself and my well being.

Let Your Own Body Heal On It’s Own

Our bodies naturally heal themselves if we allow them too. Listen to some mindfulness music at night to help you reduce your stress like this here. Click This Link.

Also you may want to try some relaxing techniques on your own. I found that stress builds up in my neck and shoulders like crazy. By using this easy few minute stretching technique I relieved a whole lot of stress. Click This Link.

I hope this short blog post was helpful in identifying some good stress reduction techniques. Listen to the music and night and try the stretching techniques. I would be willing to bet you will sleep much better and your day will be much more stress free.





  1. I find the hardest thing to do is quiet the mind, the negative thoughts come flooding from my subconscious when ever I try to relax.

    So I try to keep it busy by keeping my mind active, it’s hard work.

    1. Negative thoughts are something I think we all deal with. The way I cope is I have gone through mindfulness and spirituality classes and try and look at where I have been in the past that was infinitely worse than where I am now. This can switch the thought process to a more positive one. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Practicing meditation myself, I was always looking to find some good sources of informations about meditations and music it is used to practice with.
    This was short explanation and I liked it, short and simple but helpful. I will bookmark your site in order to get supplied with tips. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  3. This is a great website! I think that mindfulness should be taught to children in school so that they carry it with them wherever they go.
    I tried a course in mindfulness a few years ago, but it was not what I needed at that time. It is now!
    Thank you for sharing this 🙂

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