Healing Energy Rocks And Why You May Want To Try Them

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Healing Energy Rocks And Why You May Want To Try Them

I don’t know a whole lot about healing energy rocks but I do know for some people they claim the small stones work for them. Whether it’s simply because the energy rocks bring on a sense of well being simply through suggestion or because they have some kind of magnetic energy pull or something I am not sure.

So, to put this to the test I bought one of the healing energy rocks that someone told me might help me to overcome some emotional and physical issues I was having. But did the energy rock do anything for me right off the bat? I can’t say it did but by simply putting the necklace with the crystal rock on I did feel a sense of well being. I am thinking in all honesty it was because I believed there was a chance it would give me the feeling of well being is why it in fact did.

Was My Healing Energy Rock Worth The Money?

I think it was because it did give me a feeling of serenity but I also think that because I have been practicing mindfulness meditation at night to help me sleep the crystal rock necklace completed the picture for me. I know what you’re thinking. Is this a bunch of hocus pocus? I know in the past I would of thought so but after my illness with meningitis and the suggestion from doctors telling me to go on some kind of anti anxiety pills and keep me “doped up” I knew I needed to do something different and that’s when I decided to look at alternative measures to make me feel better. After all a calm mind can be a healing mind.

Here is the exact crystal healing energy rock necklace I bought.

Just so you don’t think I am some crackpot who is all into the metaphysical I will say that in my life I have always been a driven person. I have an honorable discharge out of two services both the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy Reserves. I also have became a certified electrician after the service and work in the industry until I fell ill with the meningitis.

I do not believe in popping pills to get myself feeling better. I try and eat right, maintain the best possible attitude I can and do a whole lot of fishing at the lakes where I live. I also try and surround myself with people I can relate to and not people who can just help me get through life. I believe in the power of true friendship and it’s ability to help you heal yourself from depression and anxiety.

The healing energy rocks necklace was a purchase I made to make me feel better and whether it works through magnetic attraction or the power of suggestion I don’t know. But, for the price I believe it was a good addition to my journey on the path to feeling well and healthy.

Should you Try The Crystal Healing Rocks?

I say if you think it may give you a sense of well being why not. I won’t give you any scientific proof that they work because I really can’t say there is any. But, I will say I felt a sense of comfort when I put the necklace on maybe just because I believed that there was a possibility that there could be some healing benefits.

The price for the crystal necklace I bought is extremely reasonable and yes it is a real crystal healing rock. It’s got some weight to it and the necklace that holds it is not bad but I also purchased some leather necklace straps in case the original breaks on me. So far so good though.

I’ll be bringing you some more free music videos that focus on calming the mind and help with anxiety and depression in my next posts. I think that the benefits of music and guided sleep meditation are a great way to help you get some healing sleep, the kind that only happens when you rest well. Until then, here’s some nice free music to fall asleep to that focuses on anxiety, depression and relaxation.

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To Your Health And Happiness

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