Fun Mindfulness Exercises. Are You Doing These?

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Fun Mindfulness Exercises

If you are living mindfully, this means that you are living in the present moment and aware of what you are doing at this time. Going to mindfulness classes and some spiritual classes I learned something new. And that is mindfulness means different things to different people.

Take my partner in crime for example. She is aware of being mindful in everyday life but does things completely different that me. But, then I have some issues that she doesn’t. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and some cognitive impairment which causes me to “freeze’ up frequently. While I am aware of where I am and what I am doing sometimes I get stuck in thought and literally have to stop what I am doing. Often it gets so overwhelming i just have to go and take a rest. And that is a drag because before becoming ill I was always on the move working as an electrician. Living mindfully for me means going through things much slower that your average functioning adult.

This doesn’t mean I am wheelchair bound or confined to home. In fact many things I can do with no issues. But, finding things like my car keys, my wallet and being calm in the wake of stressful moments is difficult. Sometimes I shut down because it’s all my mind and body can do. I put together some fun mindfulness exercises that you can do to calm down and learn to live mindfully. Here they are!


Use Some Simple Mindfulness Exercises To Relieve Anxiety

  1. Try some breathing exercises which can do wonders to relax and actually lower your blood pressure. As you know living mindfully means living through breathing and being aware of your breath inhaling and exhaling. Try this simple breathing exercise. Hopefully you won’t fall asleep doing it. But, if you do at least you know the exercise works. TAP HERE
  2. If you are suffering from anxiety I found a simple three minute video that can help with the symptoms. Anxiety as you may know can seem like an elevator that goes up and up and sometimes gets to the point where you may not even be able to function. And this all comes from out minds. Try these simple fun techniques to calm your thinking down when you really just don’t want to think at all. TAP HERE
  3. Here is a fun one. The three minute meditation exercise for anxiety. It’s a simple exercise but does wonders in such a short amount of time. You can really do this anywhere! TAP HERE

Daily Mindfulness Exercises Help!

I hope these exercises are helpful to you. I try to incorporate these in my life daily after my morning workout. Speaking of working out to calm anxiety, I know a lot of people fall off the wagon on this as I have many times. But, if you try something easy like I do, an indoor exercise routine that work like an indoor exercise bike I think it’s worth a try. I know this is not necessarily a meditation exercise but it does help with reducing stress. TAP HERE

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