Does Using Mindfulness Meditation Music Curb Stress?

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Does Using Mindfulness Meditation Music Curb Stress?

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If you have ever listened to music like classical, jazz and blues you know that there is a calming effect to the soul. I used to listen to this type of music but usually in clubs. But when you begin to start to listen to mindfulness meditation music you will notice that this type of music guides you into a relaxed state and can really help to reduce stress. And stress is something that builds up overtime due to a myriad of reasons. Whether it be work stress, illness stress, financial stress or just everyday stress that makes you want to crawl out of your skin, you may want to try meditation music to calm down during peak times of frustration.

So, how does mindfulness meditation music help you to relieve stress? Based on personal experience I found that this genre of music puts you into a hypnotic state and you can actually heal stress with it. If you have ever listened to this type of music you will find that it is calming but it also follows a certain beat that is somewhat repetitive but low frequency. Guided meditation with this type of music works great at putting you to sleep by hypnosis. This is not the type of hypnosis you may expect where someone is dangling a piece of jewelry in front of your face. Not at all. In fact guided meditation works by allowing your subconscious to absorb what is being spoken all the while you’re asleep. The meditation music is what you will hear in the background.

Why Should You Use Meditation Music For Stress?

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Walking Bridge

Obviously, depending on your age you may find certain types of music more calming than others. But, did you know that mindfulness music is becoming more popular among all age groups? You can listen to this music while studying, relaxing after a hard days work or while trying to get to sleep. And how does this music help? Simple. By pulling you into a deeper sleep where your body begins to heal itself from a long day of stress. Many of us never get to that point of deep sleep and toss and turn all night only to wake up restless and still exhausted.

I use this music for all kinds of things that I do. I use it when I go for walks in the park for visualization or when I am writing blogs like this one or to simply relax and reflect on the day. Some people think this genre of music along with meditation or yoga is for those strange people who eat granola all day and wear flip flops. Well, I am here to say it’s not. It’s for everyone no matter what walk of life you come from. And I have been a US Marine and a commercial electrician where you keep certain opinions to yourself.

I will say that listening to meditation music along with some guided meditation has done wonders for me by changing my mindset and opening myself to the possibilities of there actually being a higher power than ourselves which directs us to either good or evil. And I believe that higher power is within us and we can control where it leads us with the right type of sounds, visuals and our own personal space. Listen to this three hour meditation music designed for studying and concentration. I’m sure you will find this a more calming genre than say heavy metal to actually calm your mind so you can focus. CLICK HERE

Let Me Know Your Thoughts On Mindfulness Music For Stress

I sincerely hope you give this music a try and that it can help you in your everyday life. I know there are some who may not quite be ready for this genre but think about it. In a world that inundates us with television commercials telling us to get the latest shoot to kill video game, wouldn’t it be nice to give your brain a break from all of that? Do you want to learn how to get in touch with the real you? Try listening to some meditation music the next time your driving to work, taking a train or bus or just enjoying a walk through nature. I’m sure you will find it a refreshing alternative to the norm.

To Your Health And Happiness.

Drift Away With This Guided Meditation


  1. Hi there. I had not heard this music before really, well I have kind of heard it but did not know what it was at the time. After listening to the track u have linked above I could really use this to relax to. It made me feel like I was scuba diving, which is my favorite pass time. Like drifting on the currents, it was very soothing. I will definitely give this a try and thanks for this info.


  2. To me almost every kind of music is relaxing in it´s own way. But especially Jazz! To be honest, I never understood Jazz. There is so much going on, but if you just let it happen, it goes into your ears so easy actually.

    I am giving this a try as well! Music is the best and I am always open for the things. Have a good one!

  3. Great article, I love meditation music when I am writing my blogs also, very calming and it truly makes writing easier and faster for me. This music is good for everyone and everyone should at least give it a try.

  4. Good information on the mindfulness music. There are some tracks out there that are really good to use while learning new material. The beat fosters a state of mind called entrainment that litterally aissts the mind to learn. You might try googling for entrainment. Lots of interesting stuff on it is out there.
    Thanks for the Post.

  5. When I was in school, our teacher would always put on this type of meditation music and it was the best! We got to have a nap and i always felt like I was drifting off to another place in my thoughts. Really good stuff.

    Thanks for the great article, I’ll have to get back into it.

  6. I have never used this type of music before but I do put on smooth soul music on Friday nights and play a bid whist card game on the computer. This is how I relax after a work week and have been doing it for years. I know that music does soothe the soul and puts you in a calm which I am sure is good for relieving stress. I took a listen to the music in your sidebar and I think it would be good when I am just laying back in my recliner. Thanks for the information.

  7. I will lye to say I am listening this music to meditate. In term of music I am more chill out, ambiance. I have the chance to live in Thailand, and go to temples with Thai friends who knows where is the good monk to guide you. It’s sometime demanding as you have to discipline yourself, if you had chosen “a program” of days or week.
    Anyway I did listening some of them, and it’s good, especially in the morning breakfast time.

  8. Nice I have lived in Japan where you get a good luck arrow at the temple and then burn it the next year. I also have met some monks who have very respectable traditions and found it to be amazing. So much different than more westernized cultures who look at holidays as a reason to shop. Love your comment!

  9. Hi Carl,

    Loved your post and it reminded me of the time I use to meditate. One time I felt a golden light enter the top of my head and swim down my body in waves. It tingled at my toes, where it seemed to be flooded by more waves and gathered itself, to return to my shoulders. At that point it rained off of me in droplets. I have asked Budhist’s, Reiki Practioners and every other type of people online, What exactly was that?

    Meditation is fantastic and I USE to even make my own videos. I would like to know Carl, are Binaural Beats bad for your brains Natural Wave Lengths – is it healthy for your brain to have its natural eb and flow of energy be menipulated in such a fashion? I’d be glad to know. Thanks.



  10. Thanks for the comment Phillip. Wow, that was an experience you had no doubt. The first answer is I am fairly certain you tapped in to your chakra located on the top of your head. There are seven chakras throughout the body and are basically energy fields. I am thinking you definitely tapped into your head chakra. As far as binary beats goes, this type of music works with aligning your mind with a beat that is in rythmn and has a tone that naturally helps the brainwaves balance the individual. Binary beats can help with a number of issues like depression, balance, anxiety, illness, trauma, etc. Great comment and I hope you continue to explore your self with meditation and music. Also consider guided meditation to help with sleep and any of the above issues I listed.

  11. I have meditated on my own and listened to a few guided meditations but not specifically meditation music. I will look into this further. Thanks for the post!


  12. Hello I think that was a good article I’m a vet and I took some mindfulness classes for pain management and when I was a young man I used to listen to jazz it was relaxing, and for those thinking about using it I suggest giving it a try.

    1. It can’t hurt Ronald. Being a vet myself I still take some classes on mindfulness, spirituality and meditation. It does help and sometimes a group setting is easier and more helpful than trying to do everything by yourself. I wish you well in the New Year!

  13. David, I enjoyed your post and I’m also enjoying the sound of the music linked to from your post, while I write this comment.

    Relaxation music is not new to me, but my experience has been different to the music your post has provided. I’ve always had to take time out to listen to relaxation music, with the result being that I wasn’t prepared to give that time up just for relaxation.

    I think the relaxation music your post had lead me to might just be what I need when writing for my website. I’m hoping to write an eBook in the near future related to affiliate marketing. Maybe listening to relaxation music while writing, will be the answer to producing that content.

  14. Absolutely Valerie. And yes, meditation music is a bit different than the traditional soothing music you may find in Jazz or Classical but it has a similar effect. Meditation music is more like music that is hypnotic which puts you in a state of mind where your thoughts can slow down and you can focus calmly and effectively without falling asleep (hopefully) lol. I use this music while writing or for going to bed too. It really is some great music to listen to. I thank you for your comment!

  15. I commend you for making people aware of meditating affects on the body. Many are stressing out unnecessarily because of their unwillingness to try things new. Your article will help anyone willing open their mind.

    1. Thank you Maurice. Yes, it does work if people will give it half a chance. It helps to quiet the mind chatter and increases self awareness and focus as well as relaxing the mind and body to allow for deeper sleep. And that is when our body heals itself. I wish you a happy and healthy new year.

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