Does Mindfulness Help Mental Health?

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Does Mindfulness Help Mental Health?


If you are like me then mindfulness is a subject that has grown close to my heart. Do you worry about a lot of stuff? Do you procrastinate because your mind is moving in too many directions at the same time? Do you feel like you’re stuck? These are things I struggled with after becoming ill with meningitis a few years back. My whole life completely stopped. I mean literally came to a dead end and no road was leading me any where.

So, what happened? I fought back mentally tooth and nail and it got worse. My thinking was not getting me anywhere and finally I couldn’t take anymore and sought help through the VA. I was a US Marine back in the day and figured maybe they could help me. I wondered if it was possible and does mindfulness help mental health?

I am not a doctor or a therapist so my story may be different. I am just someone who struggled for many years with anxiety and depression after my illness. When I sought help I was referred to the mental health clinic and a mindfulness group. I also checked out a book like this and began to read how to become mindful.


How Does Mindfulness Help You Heal?

Well, that’s a loaded question because living mindfully means being aware of what you are doing and living in the present moment. If you know anything about meningitis you know that it affects the lining of the brain. And once I began to recover I noticed that may brain did not work the same. I began to ruminate over what happened to me in the hospital and I noticed signs of depression and anxiety.

In a few years after my hospital stay I finally couldn’t take it anymore and found some support. I was a mental wreckage. If you think it can’t happen it can. I thought I could take anything being a US Marine veteran and commercial electrician. I couldn’t of been more wrong. The depression and anxiety made living so hard I couldn’t think straight. I spent days in bed and nights not being able to sleep.

So, does mindfulness help mental health? Yes, if you apply the techniques but that can be tough. Reading up on techniques to curb anxiety and depression may be a good start and the book above has some good tips. I also liked the mindfulness groups which give you some tools on living mindfully.

Life Is About Change!

It’s kind of hard to roll when the punches when all you get are punches but you can’t get any hits in. That’s what depression and anxiety feel like. And no matter how hard your friends and family say they understand they can’t possibly if they are not going through what you are. So, my suggestion is to learn about mindfulness and apply some of the techniques you learn. It may be some subtle changes at first but eventually you will see your situation lighten. Here is another helpful mindfulness book.


I hope the books and my story may have been helpful to you and that you may decide to use mindfulness techniques to curb anxiety and depression. I know it’s helped me but I still have a ways to go. In fact I believe it’s about changing expectations and living the best you can with what you have been dealt. I know, easier said than done!

Feel free to comment below and give me your thoughts on mindfulness meditation and books you may have read. I find the subject quite fascinating and would love to hear additional thoughts.

Thanks for reading!


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