Does Meditation Help Stress For People?

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Does Meditation Help Stress For People?

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We live in a crazy world. Here’s a little story for you that happened yesterday while I was driving to the store with my wife. I was driving up to a stop sign and was going to turn right onto the main road. As I was driving a car came off the main road real fast and was heading towards me in my lane at a pretty high rate of speed. They tried to over correct and ended up driving onto the curb and bottomed out on the curb and floored the car and kept going bouncing off of it and flying on through the parking lot. I was pretty well thinking, “Well, that was stressful.” Not so much for me but I could see how this person was in a serious hurry and put themselves in a sticky situation really quick. I suppose that leads me to the question. “Does meditation help stress? I believe it does. 

Meditation can help you in a number of ways. First, it helps you to calm down and not look at things so all or nothing. We live in a world that’s fast and nobody really wants to slow down for anyone else. Everyone needs to get to where they are going and that’s all that they think about. The people around them especially on the road are secondary. What do you do when faced with a stressful situation? Do you run away or run to the issue? In my case I try to avoid stress at all costs but to be ready for a stressful event I try and do some easy meditation routines in the morning that can help me overcome some of the problems that can come with stress.

Meditation Gets You In Touch With Yourself

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At first when I looked into this whole meditation thing I thought it was a bunch of nonsense. It really made no sense to me and figured it was for people who were just hooked on granola and sitting around in yoga pants. As I began to go to some classes for meditation, mindfulness and spirituality I began to realize that meditation was actually pretty cool

Sure there is the hype around it and you can buy some meditation and yoga clothes and if that’s what you’re looking for I have listed some really good ones here.

Meditation is really a personal journey into exploring your inner mind, healing your inner child and becoming at peace with your life. This is my quest at this time in my life and it has nothing to do really with producing, making a living or anything in that nature. In fact it’s a great way to begin to heal yourself from not only chronic illnesses but mental issues that may come with age or disabilities. It’s also a great way to deal with stress which seems to plague the people of the world.

Mindfulness on the other hand is living in the moment and being aware of where you are and what you are doing. It’s also the practice of being non judgmental against yourself and others. Mindfulness is what I needed help with so I found this practice very interesting. Be sure to look at your local area for mindfulness classes which are usually short but very informative especially in a group setting.

Spirituality is another way of getting to understand your world and where you see yourself in the whole scheme of things. This is a way of dealing with past issues, accepting limitations and being grateful for where you are in your life. Like mindfulness practices you can find classes on spirituality in just about any town now as it is becoming much more popular no more than ever.

Meditation Can Help With Stress

With all of the classes I have taken and accessing my own life through meditation I guess I have proof that it does work. And what’s that proof? Don’t laugh but my wife says I am much calmer and catch myself before I have a meltdown. I have concluded in life after being in the Marines, the Navy reserves and wearing a ton of blue collar jobs, the last being an electrician, that meditation is the way to heal yourself from stress and get you on the path to at least finding peace. Happiness isn’t too far behind either. I hope this little blog helps and before I leave I encourage you to try something. It only takes a minute. Look around you and ask yourself “What am I grateful for today?” It could be something small, like a lunch, a warm jacket or even a smile from your kid. It doesn’t have to have a dollar sign attached because at the end of the day there’s always something to be grateful for.

To you health and happiness


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I completely agree with you, meditation is a great tool not just for relieving the stress but also for finding a peace within. Practising it regularly, you can train yourself to be more present so you can respond rather than react in stressful situations. Great post!

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