Do You Really Need Mindfulness Worksheets? Don’t Start Until You Read This!

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Looking For Mindfulness Worksheets?


If you haven’t noticed already, the practice of mindfulness meditation is becoming more and more popular as people realize the importance of living in a never changing world. The reason the world is changing? Think about it. In today’s society have to be more in tune with our environment, sensitive to the feelings of those around us and it’s becoming more difficult to maintain a balance between work, home life and personal happiness.

These are just a few reasons why being mindfulness is something you need to practice and using free mindfulness worksheets can help you threefold!

It’s not to say that you have to live in a glass bubble. In fact it’s much more than that. By being mindful in life you are not only taking responsibility for your own actions, you are also focusing on increasing your happiness by living in the now and finding your true purpose in life. If you are at a cross road in life and trying to understand your role in the world, mindfulness can help you achieve that goal.

How Does Mindfulness  Help?

Keep Learning!

Some would say to be mindful you just need to find a quiet place and reflect, meditate and maybe have a plume of incense around you. Well, that may work for some who are living on  a remote island in a shack but for most of us we have to live, work and connect with others in a world that can sometimes seem rather cold and unforgiving. So, how do the mindfulness worksheets help?

Pretty simple actually. They give you steps to becoming mindful. Not just doing one thing but doing things collectively in your everyday life. The worksheets can be simple like giving you ideas to document your feeling throughout your day. Have more energy at certain parts of the day? Or are you happier in the morning or evening? By using the mindfulness worksheets you can track feelings throughout the day and get an idea of your daily habits and what triggers these different feelings.

Using the mindfulness worksheets you can see how self judgement affects you in your life at different times of the day. It gives you an idea of where you may need some improvement and is these sheets are used by mindfulness professionals in their teachings often.

Stop Over Thinking And Hesitating In Life! 

Move Forward In Life!

This is one of the things I have problems with personally. At times I question myself and don’t know whether what I am doing is the right thing or am I just being hesitant to make decisions. The free mindfulness worksheets tend to help me get on track and focus on what matters and what can wait.

Over thinking is something we all do. We overthink whether or not we will land that job, keep the job we have or look at the worst case scenario on many things. Thinking of the worst case scenario is called catastrophizing  and many of us are guilty of this. And it’s hard to get out of this type of thinking  but it can be done!

I hope you will consider checking out some free mindfulness worksheets and give them a go. Who are they for? Anyone at anytime. In fact, while I am new to learning mindfulness and focus on being aware of what I am doing at the present time without judging myself or others mindfulness training is on ongoing practice which can really help you find peace and tranquility in your life. Check out free mindfulness worksheets online here by clicking the blue text!


  1. There are so many worksheets to pick from! I can see myself benefiting from these. I tend to write everything down anyway. I am a list person, and everything I do, I generally write it down. Over organized I guess. Anyway, I like the idea of these worksheets. We can all do things to make us a better person. I know I am always trying to improve myself in anyway I can. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m so glad i found you.. such great content! You’ve been doing this a long time.. will you be my mentor :*

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