Clinical Depression Help With Mindfulness Meditation Books

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Clinical Depression Help With Mindfulness Meditation Books

One thing I have noticed since recovering from a month stay in the hospital with meningitis is the fact that whatever I did to conquer my bouts of depression and anxiety did not work no matter how hard I tried. I felt like Whitney Houston’s movie “Waiting To Exhale.” I know but don’t laugh please. And even to this day I have times where I feel the world is on top of my shoulders because I have a teenage son and wife who while they care deeply for me, they know my recovery from my illness is lifelong.

Have you ever dealt with or are dealing with depression? Do you know what triggered your symptoms? I had some serious questions as to what exactly triggered my depression and I figured out it had to be the post meningitis symptoms. But, finding out what exactly caused it and how to cope was a different scenario.

Here is a great depression workbook that focuses on depression and mindfulness techniques to cope.


Does Mindfulness Meditation Really Help With Depression?

I know for me it took me a while before I noticed any changes when I sought clinical depression help for my illness recovery. I attended some classes and then once I was in the third or fourth one things started to make sense to me. My problem was ruminating thoughts of how do I fix myself, or what did this happen or what did I eat for dinner. All of these thoughts were coming in at once and it confused the heck out of me.

The worst part was I could not sleep well. I woke up at 2:00 am and just could not get back to sleep.

Then the middle of the night rumination would start. It was hell on earth.

Maybe you have a similar story as mine. I am on a quest to find the best techniques to curb depression and anxiety and the books I put on this site are ones I chose that are highly rated and some I have used myself. I do think it’s important to talk with your doctor first before diving into any program or especially medication to curb depression though. And I am not a doctor, just a Marine Corps veteran who has had his share of problems in life.

The mindfulness meditation does help with the rumination and depression if you allow it. I use mindfulness music like this. Click This Text.   The music is 3 hours of mindfulness music for relaxing, stress reduction and sleep. Be sure to check out the free music.

Other Crazy Random Tips For Depression And Anxiety

This sounds insane and I know it does. Because when you are in the grips of anxiety and depression the last thing you want to do is be around other people that stress you out. But, what about helping someone less fortunate than you are? My symptoms get crazy so often times I walk in the park just to gaze at the sun up above the trees or to watch the leaves fall to the ground. I also listen to music on my smart phone while I am walking.

I try to stay away from the television and politics during the day time especially. If I have nothing to do I may clean the car or just try and stay busy writing like I am here. Today after my walk I went to the local gas station mini mart. I saw a guy, older maybe 60 struggling to get out of his car. I asked him if he needed help.

Needless to say he was taken aback and seem to be almost driven to tears that a white man  would stop to ask an African American if he needed help getting out of his car. People where I live tend to stick with each other as far as race goes. I don’t care. I saw a man suffering. There was something I could offer to do and it changed the course of his day and mine.  Simple acts of kindness can help you in your life.

Those are the things that can happen if you take yourself out of your head and out into the world. I didn’t expect anything in return. I saw a guy in need and I offered to help. A simple act like that can help to curb your depression and anxiety. It made my day that he was so thankful and I made his day.


Consider listening to some mindfulness music and maybe check out a book on the subject of clinical depression help if you have the inclination. Maybe go and offer to help someone. Go for a walk in the local park. Check out a senior care. There  are many things you can do to try and stop living in the past and dealing with your depression head on. I am still far from healed. I have many scars but I do what I can.

I welcome your comments and stories about your own journey with depression and anxiety. It may help you to share your story and it could help me and others who read this blog.

Here is another recommended mindfulness workbook you may like to check out.

To Your Health And Happiness.


  1. Hi there, great post. I can relate a little as I damaged my back a few years ago and couldn’t do anything. To top it all off I lost my job and it was probably the worst I have ever felt in my life. I didn’t read any books, I was just given drugs by the doctor that I didn’t take as I don’t agree with that as a way to recover.
    Like you mentioned, I detatched myself from negativity and tried to be positive. I believe the mind is a strong healer, we just need to know how to use it.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Mindfulness meditation I believe can elevate a lot positive thoughta but also make you realise your true problems. I totally agree with staying away from the garbage of politics and tv emits dark energy.
    I believe you are on the right path and continue to help people 🙂

    Peace and abundance to you!

  3. Hi
    It’s a good article. Many people experience depression sometimes in their life .Meditation is a great way to deal with stress. I just know a basic meditation method. It really helps .Thank you providing information and the book to us.

    1. Meditation is a good way to just let things go. And depression can come without warning after a traumatic event. This is when you have to be kind to yourself. Thanks for the comment Isabel!

  4. Nice post-David. Thank you for sharing your story and techniques you have found to work. I had a battle with anxiety back in 2009, first time I ever felt anxiety, and it lasted me for 2 years, on and off, constantly fighting it, but I did not want to take medication for it. I tried different things that helped but were just band-aids until finally, I realized that it is all in my head and fear is all in my head. I control my emotions, how and what I think so I told myself whenever I felt anxiety coming on I would say bring it! What is the worse that can happen! It cant kill me! And slowly but surely it has gone away. I have not an anxiety issue in like 4 years but it is something that doesn’t go away permanently. Sometimes when I lay in bed and can’t fall asleep right away, I can feel the anxiety trying to creep back but I will either try and keep my mind busy with something or I will say again to myself bring it on, it can’t hurt me. Obviously, this isn’t for everybody, just wanted to share my experience with anxiety and hope it can help someone. Thank you again for sharing and creating dialogue for this terrible sickness that many people deal with every day of their lives.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story Juan. Anxiety is a strange beast. Sometimes when I feel it coming on I do the same and actually get mad. Lol. Then I’ll listen to some meditation music or guided sleep meditation. Also when I wake up I don’t just jump out of bed anymore. I’ll lay there for a good 10 t 15 minutes. It helps. Thanks for the comment and best to you!

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