Best Online Guided Meditation Tips For Beginners

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Best Of Online Meditation Tips For Beginners


Are you struggling with finding ways to learn meditation? Meditation can be a great experience for anyone looking for calm their mind and find peace in a constantly busy world. For some this practice can be as simple as going to a park or a lake or the ocean and quietly reflecting on their life. For other meditation can mean connecting in a group setting in meditation classes while others prefer to meditate alone in silence.

Whatever techniques you use to meditate daily it’s important to find what works for you and you alone. As I began meditating I tried to find a way to quiet the chatter in my mind by listening to guided meditation music. Here is a great tip on beginning meditation and learning the best online meditation tips. Listen to this music to start. CLICK HERE

Never Rush Your Meditation

One thing I noticed I did when I tried to meditate is to just get it done as soon as possible. Kind of like a daily routine like brushing your teeth. Unfortunately there was always something missing and I didn’t get the full benefit because I was too scattered in my thinking. I learned how to just slow down and let my breathe do the work for me. Deep breathing in and slow long exhales was the best way for me to relax and enjoy the simple moment of noticing my breathing. That’s why it’s important to Slooow down and relax  when you are in a meditative state. Try listening to Michael Sealey on Utube for some awesome meditation music and guided meditation. Check out this video on breath, anxiety, stress and sleep by this well known guided meditation specialist. CLICK HERE

Make Your Meditation Space Welcoming


Your meditation space can be simple like mine. I have a yoga mat, my laptop, comfortable clothes and candles. You can add a meditation bench, essential oils and more. Whatever makes you most comfortable is what works best for you and try to keep it simple.

I like products from Wai Lana which are priced reasonably and can be a great asset to your meditation space. While you can find some great products for meditation online at Amazon, I chose Wai Lana because of the high quality. CLICK HERE

Your meditation space can be as simple as a small room with some candles and some incense and a blanket. Whatever works best!

Stress And Meditation

Meditation is great for stress for anyone. If you have a certain condition you are trying to cope with it’s a great way to focus on something else other than what ails you which can be a stressor in itself. And stress for some reason leads some people to self defeating habits like smoking and drinking. Here are some tips on using meditation to quit smoking. CLICK HERE


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