About Me

Who I Am


I am a simple person who am a veteran of two military services of the United States. I have held a variety of jobs in the workplace including a Marine and a commercial electrician. I have had some experiences which led me down the path to seeking help with some cognitive issues and have found mindfulness meditation and music to help me with some challenges.

I enjoy fishing, writing, water aerobics and watching my son become a man. I think that life is a journey which can sometimes be put on hold which is why I found mindfulness meditation to be helpful and interesting.

We live in a hectic world and to me it seems you either keep up or fall behind. But with keeping up sometimes life’s path can throw us some curve balls. It wasn’t until I was hospitalized with a serious illness that I began to experience what many call “Change Of Life”. This life change caused me to have to make some hard choices of whether to accept life on life’s terms or to fight the inevitable. Mindfulness meditation has helped me come to peace with some of the challenges I have been faced with.

I hope some of the posts and pages can be helpful to someone who is experiencing some challenges in life and that they can find some of my work helpful. I am living in North Carolina and have a teenage son and wife who tolerate me on most days.